„Left“ (for various reasons) contains two tracks of finest 116 bpm Tender Techno.

„Left“ is the story about a storm building up slowly but powerful, then leaving the land in the darkness of the night—wet and calm and clean. Starting off with drums and modular synthesizer sounds collaged together then being released into the nice timbres of the Hang Drum in the calm eye of the storm. The Hang theme then leads you through the second part of the track—through a misty forest into the morning light.

„Trockenliebe“ is about all the weird peculiarities of human interaction. The careful back and forth of getting closer to each other. A softly growling bassline asking questions into an almost empty room finally being answered by a gently touched piano. Slow movements becoming hastingly executed oscillations. Stabs. Phases are synchronized. A warm fuzzy feeling is what is left over and even former edges are well wound into the now well known.

All tracks written and produced by Moritz Scharf
Mixing and Mastering by Moritz Scharf
Artwork by Moritz Scharf
Projected artwork by Onno Ennoson


Moritz – Left

Release Date : 28. Januar 2021
Artist : Moritz
Genres : 116bpm, Eurorack, Modular Synthesizer, Tender Techno
Catalog ref. : RRR10