Rack Rash Records is a Vienna-based electronic music imprint newly created by a group of musicians desiring a platform that enables ambitious artists showcasing their productions in a self-determined way. The label sets its focus on distinctive, handwritten creations, transcending boundaries like narrow bpm intervals, stylistic guidelines and purist club culture conventions. The span of musical diversity ranges from listening-orientated downtempo to club-focused techno and house up to uncompromising noise debaucheries and experimental approaches.

In the past years, a new movement of artists and enthusiasts has emerged across the electronic music underground of Vienna. While new events and platforms provided live appearances and meeting points, it lacked a corresponding stage for quality studio productions arising within that community. The creation of a record label intending to fill this gap was overdue and only a matter of time. Rack Rash, a term commonly used in resellers jargon expressing abrasion of used studio gear, has been already known within the Viennese underground as the imprint of one of its hotspots for modular live performances and DIY workshops. After being discontinued and pursued in form of other concepts like the meanwhile legendary Signal Zirkus, the brand undergoes its reincarnation as Rack Rash Records, a newly established record label in 2019 to offer a diverse range of electronic music productions and contribute to the vitality of the underground scene in Vienna.