träumen = to dream
leben = to live

every person dreams – every person lives. dreams can come to life and they can keep us from living it. they can overcome distances which are hard to imagine, so that they become indescribably close. to live can destroy dreams. how is it possible to achieve a point of equilibrium that keeps both worlds together?

the purpose of “träume//leben” is to express this tension. it is an autobiographical piece of expressive music which looks at the contrast of living and dreaming. it is an experiment to search for the boundaries of electronic minimal wave techno.

Composition & Production: Michael Hönigschmid
Mixing & Mastering: Michael Hönigschmid
Artwork: Marie-Eve Proteau
Lyrics: Michael Hönigschmid except „Distanz (Je t´écris)“, lyrics by Gaston Miron (all rights reserved)


Bobo Elektro – Träumen//Leben

Release Date : 1. Mai 2018
Catalog ref. : GOR004